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Here you will find my tutorials on everything from making the switch from Windows to Linux, building your own cloud server, working with a Raspberry Pi. You can also find my tech gadget reviews, privacy and security articles and some hardware hacks.


Force Vista to Remember Folder Settings
12th September 2008Windows
Force pesky Windows Vista to remember your folder settings once you have set them how you prefer, not how it thinks you should be viewing files.
Thermaltake Giant3 Video Card Cooler Installation
2nd August 2008Hardware
Having experienced several thermal shutdowns, I decided to upgrade my cooling by installing a few mods. Here is my illustrated guide and walkthrough of how not to install a Thermaltake Giant3 video card cooler on an ATI 9800XT.
Taming the ATi Catalyst Control Centre
30th July 2008Windows
A quick shortcut to only load the resource hungry ATI Catalyst driver software on demand, keeping valuable system resources free when not in use.
Cress Keyboard
28th July 2008Projects
What happens when a work colleague goes on Holiday? A practical joke of course!
How To Upgrade Maxtor Hard Drive Caddy
28th July 2008Hardware
A quick guide on how to update a Maxtor hard drive caddy to a larger capacity drive.
HP Laptop Repair - How To Clean and Repair HP Pavilion Laptop
28th July 2008Hardware
HP Laptop repair and a guide on how to dismantle an HP laptop to clean or repair internal components such as the cooling fan, hard drive, memory or screen.
Enable Remote Desktop Connections on Vista Home
29th June 2008Windows
It is very annoying when a Microsoft product does not work, but something even more annoying is the fact that it does not work intentionally. This is the case with Remote Desktop on Windows Vista.
Heatsink Lapping for Better Thermal Efficiency
30th May 2008Hardware
In order to get the best from a CPU cooler, it is important to have as much of it contact with the CPU heat spreader as possible. This guide shows you how to get the most from your heat sink.