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What Makes This a Job For IT?
31st January 2012Hardware
This is a scenario often played out in many an IT support department. Something goes wrong and it's IT's fault or problem. Even when something goes wrong that is nothing to do with IT.
Why Does my HDD Have Less Capacity than Advertised?
28th September 2011Hardware
In truth, they don't, but this is one of those marketing ploys that are tricking you into thinking you are buying a higher capacity than you actually are.
Sony Ericsson Xperia ARC
15th June 2011Hardware
I got my hands on my new phone, my first Android, a couple of weeks ago - a Sony Ericsson Xperia ARC. I absolutely LOVE this phone!
Sunbeam Liquid Neon Light Strip
1st December 2010Hardware
For my new PC, I have decided to brighten it up with some flashy lights and I chose a new type of light called "liquid neon". This is a warning to all considering purchasing one of these "unique Liquid Neon lights".
My New Computer Build
31st October 2010Hardware
My current computer is getting on for 6 years old and is feeling it's age. The motherboard is showing signs of giving up, it only has a single core processor and the power supply unit is making a buzzing noise. So it's time to upgrade! But since it is so old, this time an upgrade actually means a whole new computer, not just a new processor and more memory.
Modding the Acer Revo - Hard Drive & RAM
22nd July 2010Hardware
I've had my Acer Revo R3600 for a while now, however, I am finding the limited 1GB memory and hard drive to be a little limiting now, so I thought I'd open up the box and perform some upgrades.
Hauppauge WinTV Nova TD500 Review
2nd January 2010Hardware
Finally, I can watch TV again! With the digital TV taking over and the old analogue signal being turned off soon I thought it would be best to get on the digital bandwagon before its too late!
Acer Revo 3600 Review
22nd December 2009Hardware
The Acer Revo 3600 is a compact Nettop PC from Acer sporting an Intel Atom N230 1.6 Ghz with 2 GB RAM and 160 GB HDD. Although not the highest spec nettop on the market, you can't beat the performance for the value of this gem.