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Thermaltake Giant3 Video Card Cooler Installation
2nd August 2008Hardware
Having experienced several thermal shutdowns, I decided to upgrade my cooling by installing a few mods. Here is my illustrated guide and walkthrough of how not to install a Thermaltake Giant3 video card cooler on an ATI 9800XT.
How To Upgrade Maxtor Hard Drive Caddy
28th July 2008Hardware
A quick guide on how to update a Maxtor hard drive caddy to a larger capacity drive.
HP Laptop Repair - How To Clean and Repair HP Pavilion Laptop
28th July 2008Hardware
HP Laptop repair and a guide on how to dismantle an HP laptop to clean or repair internal components such as the cooling fan, hard drive, memory or screen.
Heatsink Lapping for Better Thermal Efficiency
30th May 2008Hardware
In order to get the best from a CPU cooler, it is important to have as much of it contact with the CPU heat spreader as possible. This guide shows you how to get the most from your heat sink.
How I Watercooled My PC
26th April 2006Hardware
I have a 3.2Ghz Pentium 4E with a Prescott core. This type of processor has been dubbed "press hot" as they are one of the hottest running CPU’s on the market. In fact, they run so hotly that Intel quickly redesigned and released a new version "Cedar Mill" that runs much cooler.
Digital Networks
17th December 2002Hardware
From the early 1970's it was realised that the current analogue telephone system, which had been established internationally over several decades, was now required to carry digital signals.
Digital to Analogue Conversion
10th December 2002Hardware
A short, but technical guide on how Digital to Analogue Conversion electronics works in simple circuits.
Digital Network Transmission Media
8th November 2002Hardware
Irrespective of the format of the signal to be transmitted throughout the network there must be an infrastructure provided to transport the information. There are currently three broad categories that provide this function.