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Linux is an Open Source computer operating system designed primarily for the PC but also available for a wide range of other systems. These tutorials can be of benefit to beginners looking to get started in the world of Linux computing.


Essential Guide to Working with Files in Linux
24th July 2011Linux
In this tutorial I am going to go through some of the command line tools used to perform basic operations on files, as well as reading and writing on the command line.
Installing Ubuntu on Acer Revo
20th July 2010Linux
I will shortly be setting up my own web design and development company and I have decided that I need to have a development web server and so I am going to use a nettop PC running Linux to serve that purpose. This was originally going to be my notes on how to set-up the server, but I have posted it here just in case it can help somebody else.
Linux Tips for Beginners
20th July 2010Linux
This post is going to contain a list of tips and tricks used to the beginner Linux user. It covers lots of tasks which are second nature to Linux veterans, but hard to grasp for new users.
Apache Administration on Linux
20th July 2010Linux
A few quick tips and cheat sheets for administering apache on a Linux server.
MySql Administration on Linux
20th July 2010Linux
A collection of useful MySql administration snippets for use on Linux Systems. I will be using this as a reference for myself and adding to it from time to time.