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Internet security & privacy articles and tutorials on how to protect yourself from viruses, phishing emails and other scams, the latest security threats and new developments in online security,


Man in the Middle Hacking and Transport Layer Protection
20th January 2016Privacy & Security
Transport Layer Protection is the process of protecting the data we send over the internet. When you request a page from a server, your browser will send a request header to the server, any sensitive information is not, by default, secured. We must enable security before sending data over the internet.
Ultimate Guide to SSL for the Newbie
10th October 2014Privacy & Security
This is a guide to SSL, how it works, and it provides the total newbie with the right information needed to get started with secure online transactions.
History of Cryptography
7th January 2014Privacy & Security
Everyone has something to hide, and thanks to the latest developments in codes and encryption, the art of concealment have never been easier.
Why Privacy Matters
30th November 2013Privacy & Security
Privacy Matters. It's a hot topic at the moment with the Edward Snowdon leaks, conspiracy after conspiracy over mass government surveillance in the name of freedom. Apparently, if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear, but what does privacy mean to you?
Living Online Without Javascript
1st November 2013Privacy & Security
Javascript used to be a tool for enhancing a web page through the actions of client side scripting (running in your browser, not on the server). In recent years, Javascript has become more of an annoyance than an enhancement and is increasingly used to bypass privacy and security settings, tracking your actions and analysing you every movement online.
Introduction to Hacking
10th July 2013Privacy & Security
An essential guide on how websites get hacked through software exploits and bad programming practices. The guide shows you the tools hackers use, what they look for and how to protect your code from vulnerabilities, exploits and eavesdropping.
Supercookies in the Wild
11th December 2012Privacy & Security
Previously in 2011, I had written an article about a new web technology called supercookies. Now, a year later, what has changed in the tracking department?
Supercookies: What You Need to Know About the Web's Latest Tracking Device
18th September 2011Privacy & Security
Did you delete your cookies? Think again as new research has discovered that major websites such as have been using a new kind of supercookie to track your online activities.