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Internet security & privacy articles and tutorials on how to protect yourself from viruses, phishing emails and other scams, the latest security threats and new developments in online security,


Introduction to Cryptography
17th April 2011Privacy & Security
Derived from two Greek words, krypto meaning "hidden" and grafo "to write", cryptography is a mechanism to hide information from unauthorised viewing.
How Internet Security and SSL Works
11th October 2009Privacy & Security
In this tutorial we will look at how cryptography, encryption and SSL certificates actually work to secure the internet and how the public/private key exchange system works.
Tips for Online Protection
20th April 2009Privacy & Security
Ten top tips for protecting yourself whilst online, browsing safer and avoiding viruses and dodging spyware and ransomware.
Thunderbird Letting in too much Junk Email?
20th April 2009Privacy & Security
Each and every day I have to clear out well over 200 junk emails from my inboxes. It is theoretically just a case of selecting the junk emails, right clicking on them and marking them as junk - but it doesn't always work!
Get Safe Online Week
17th November 2008Privacy & Security
Today is the start of the fourth annual Get Safe Online week; a campaign founded by the British Government, HSBC, SOCA and Microsoft, with the aim to raise awareness of internet safety issues.
How to Spot Scam and Phishing Emails
30th October 2008Privacy & Security
I get countless numbers of scam emails in my inbox each day and quite frankly I am astounded that people actually fall for them. Maybe I just get the really badly done scams or have my many years as a techie have actually paid off?
Surviving the Bomb
6th March 2000Privacy & Security
When the German physicists Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassmann discovered nuclear fission in 1939 they unleashed a genie that changed the world forever. With the ever increasing risk of global thermonuclear war, this guide should help prepare and survive the bomb.