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Microsoft Windows is probably the most widely used operating system in the world among consumer PC users. These tutorials provide helpful tips in getting the most out of Windows and Windows software. Tips include fixing common annoyances and productivity tips.


Windows 7 SSD Tweak Guide
8th June 2009Windows
Getting the most from your new SSD with these simple tweaks for Windows 7 which result in a faster performing computer.
Using the XCopy Tool
22nd April 2009Windows
Backing up your data is vital, whether it's your holiday photos or your business, and there are many products out there that all do the same thing: backup your data. XCopy can also be used as a quick deployment solution.
Windows Find in All Files - Search Tool Fix!
22nd April 2009Windows
Use the tips on the page to fix Windows XP search tool so that it will find text inside all file types, not just the ones Microsoft wants to.
Prevent Automatic Updates from Restarting PC
22nd April 2009Windows
Windows XP's automatic update facility is clearly a good thing. Except when an update is installed that requires a reboot and you're working on the computer at the time. This results in an annoying dialogue box informing you that "You must restart your computer for the updates to take effect", "Do you want to restart your computer now?".
Disable Windows XP Zip Folder Integration
22nd April 2009Windows
By default, Windows XP and Vista treat ZIP files like folders; you can view them in Windows Explorer as if they were folders. If you're not familiar with ZIP files, this can be convenient, however, if you've already got a utility in place to manage your ZIP files (such as WinZip or WinRAR), this new feature can just get in the way.
A Guide to Windows Task Scheduler
22nd April 2009Windows
Task Scheduler is a very useful tool built into most versions of Windows, and it functions in a similar way to Cron on Unix systems. In this tutorial, we will look at how to get a program to run every hour.
Force Vista to Remember Folder Settings
12th September 2008Windows
Force pesky Windows Vista to remember your folder settings once you have set them how you prefer, not how it thinks you should be viewing files.
Taming the ATi Catalyst Control Centre
30th July 2008Windows
A quick shortcut to only load the resource hungry ATI Catalyst driver software on demand, keeping valuable system resources free when not in use.