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Microsoft Windows is probably the most widely used operating system in the world among consumer PC users. These tutorials provide helpful tips in getting the most out of Windows and Windows software. Tips include fixing common annoyances and productivity tips.


Enable Remote Desktop Connections on Vista Home
29th June 2008Windows
It is very annoying when a Microsoft product does not work, but something even more annoying is the fact that it does not work intentionally. This is the case with Remote Desktop on Windows Vista.
iTunes Problems
3rd May 2008Windows
Well, I finally imported all of my MP3 collection into iTunes after a week of tedious configuration and mind numbing re-tagging of over 4000 files.
iTunes - Worst Software Ever Written?
27th April 2008Windows
I finally succumbed to peer pressure and joined the digital media bandwagon by buying the latest Apple iPod Nano.
A week with Windows Vista
27th August 2007Windows
I have been using Vista on my new laptop for about a week now... and I hate it!!! There are so many annoying "features", it crashes often and I really want to go back to XP!!!
24 Hours with Windows Vista
20th August 2007Windows
I bought a new laptop the other day, an HP Pavilion tx1250 Entertainment PC, which came pre-loaded with the new Windows Vista operating system.