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Techmantium is a technology blog covering a wide range of technology topics and life hacks, including desktop PC, smartphones, tablets, Raspberry Pi, software, security, operating systems, mobile, storage, servers, gadget hacks and technology companies such as Microsoft, Google and Apple.

Here you will find my tutorials on everything from making the switch from Windows to Linux, building your own cloud server, working with a Raspberry Pi. You can also find my tech gadget reviews, privacy and security articles and some hardware hacks.


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Android SD Card Corruption and How To Fix It
In   Android12th October 2018
SD Cards are a good way to expand the storage capacity on Android smartphones, but they can be prone to corruption and data loss. We look at the reasons behind this, what to do to prevent SD card corruption and what to do when your SD card gets corrupted.
Chromecast Not Working?  Here are 7 Simple Fixes
In   Gadgets & Tech17th September 2018
Google Chromecast is great when it works, but often there are numerous problems when the device fails to connect, unable to cast to Chromecast, unable to discover devices, timeouts and buffering. Here is a guide to help fix Chromecast problems.
Raspberry Pi Power Switch with PowerBlock
In   Raspberry Pi9th September 2018
How to setup PetRockBlog's PowerBlock on a Raspberry Pi and add a simple hardware power switch to turn the Pi on and off. We will also add a power LED which can be used to show the status when in an enclosure.