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Techmantium is a technology blog covering a wide range of technology topics and life hacks, including desktop PC, smartphones, tablets, Raspberry Pi, software, security, operating systems, mobile, storage, servers, gadget hacks and technology companies such as Microsoft, Google and Apple.

Here you will find my tutorials on everything from making the switch from Windows to Linux, building your own cloud server, working with a Raspberry Pi. You can also find my tech gadget reviews, privacy and security articles and some hardware hacks.


Latest Posts

A Guide to Windows Task Scheduler
In   Windows22nd April 2009
Task Scheduler is a very useful tool built into most versions of Windows, and it functions in a similar way to Cron on Unix systems. In this tutorial, we will look at how to get a program to run every hour.
Get Safe Online Week
In   Privacy & Security17th November 2008
Today is the start of the fourth annual Get Safe Online week; a campaign founded by the British Government, HSBC, SOCA and Microsoft, with the aim to raise awareness of internet safety issues.
How to Spot Scam and Phishing Emails
In   Privacy & Security30th October 2008
I get countless numbers of scam emails in my inbox each day and quite frankly I am astounded that people actually fall for them. Maybe I just get the really badly done scams or have my many years as a techie have actually paid off?
Thermaltake Giant3 Video Card Cooler Installation
In   Hardware2nd August 2008
Having experienced several thermal shutdowns, I decided to upgrade my cooling by installing a few mods. Here is my illustrated guide and walkthrough of how not to install a Thermaltake Giant3 video card cooler on an ATI 9800XT.
Taming the ATi Catalyst Control Centre
In   Windows30th July 2008
A quick shortcut to only load the resource hungry ATi Catalyst Control Centre driver software on demand, keeping valuable system resources free when not in use.
Cress Keyboard
In   Projects28th July 2008
What happens when a work colleague goes on Holiday? A practical joke of course! Introducing the cress keyboard :)

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