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Techmantium is a technology blog covering a wide range of technology topics and life hacks, including desktop PC, smartphones, tablets, Raspberry Pi, software, security, operating systems, mobile, storage, servers, gadget hacks and technology companies such as Microsoft, Google and Apple.

Here you will find my tutorials on everything from making the switch from Windows to Linux, building your own cloud server, working with a Raspberry Pi. You can also find my tech gadget reviews, privacy and security articles and some hardware hacks.


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How to Convert WAV to MP3 in Linux
In   Linux9th August 2013
I've been recording some audio tracks as uncompressed WAV files, but they are too large for sending over the internet or storing on mobile devices. Here’s how to convert WAV to MP3 which will compress the audio and make them more usable.
Installing MCrypt and cURL on Ubuntu Server
In   Linux16th July 2013
For some unknown reason, the default installation of PHP on Ubuntu Server does not install two popular (and often required) extensions - MCrypt and cURL. This guide shows you how to install and configure these two extensions.
Introduction to Hacking
In   Privacy & Security10th July 2013
An essential guide on how websites get hacked through software exploits and bad programming practices. The guide shows you the tools hackers use, what they look for and how to protect your code from vulnerabilities, exploits and eavesdropping.
12 Fantastic OneNote Productivity Tips
In   Windows7th July 2013
As a recent convert to the awesomeness that is Microsoft's OneNote, I thought I take a few minutes to share some of OneNotes top productivity tips that actually work!
20 Great Notepad++ Colour Schemes
In   Windows25th June 2013
Here is a collection of my top ten favourite Notepad++ colour schemes and visual styles. Notepad++ is by far the best code editor I've used and the ability to change the editor colour scheme is a very nice feature allowing different colours based on time of day or programming language.
Supercookies in the Wild
In   Privacy & Security11th December 2012
Previously in 2011, I had written an article about a new web technology called supercookies. Now, a year later, what has changed in the tracking department?

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