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Cress Keyboard

A creative practical joke involving cress and a keyboard - the cress keyboard!

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What happens when a work colleague goes on Holiday? A practical joke of course! Introducing the cress keyboard :)

Practical jokes range from individually wrapping everything on their desk in newspaper, turning everything upside down, unplugging everything or maybe they still haven't found what we did...

On this occasion, we planned a special trick for the return from a 2-week holiday of our latest recruit.

Take one broken keyboard (one too many spilt coffees) donated by IT, remove all keys, line with tissue paper, sprinkle cress seeds, replace keys, water and wait a few days - voila! A cress keyboard!

I'm sure he saw the funny side after the initial shock!

Last updated on: Saturday 17th June 2017


Tom Poole

Tom Poole

Nice! I'll give this one a go.

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