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Linux is an Open Source computer operating system designed primarily for the PC but also available for a wide range of other systems. These tutorials can be of benefit to beginners looking to get started in the world of Linux computing.

Raspberry Pi Time-lapse Videos with USB Webcam
In   Linux28th June 2018
Create Time-lapse videos using a Raspberry Pi to take a picture from a webcam at a regular interval, such as every minute, then use an application to stitch the pictures together into a video. Times flies.
Building a Raspberry Pi based Personal Cloud Server
In   LinuxProjects23rd November 2017
Now you have your new Raspberry Pi, you may be wondering how to use it. This guide will show you how to flash Raspbian, boot into your Raspberry Pi, configure and build a personal cloud server secured with SSL from Let's Encrypt.
Installing Linux Step by Step
In   Linux31st July 2017
Installation of Linux has been seen as a difficult task for new users. This step-by-step guide is so easy that everybody can install Linux Mint easily.
Top 10 Great BURG Bootloader Themes
In   Linux1st July 2017
BURG is a boot loader for Linux based on GRUB. BURG has a highly configurable menu system which works in both text and graphic mode and it features a themeable interface.
Switching from Windows to Linux
In   Linux4th September 2016
Windows 10 has been out for over a year now, and for the most part, it has been accepted well. Still, some people aren't happy with the privacy issues and the sheer amount of tracking, not to mention the security issues, and so may be looking for an alternative...
Using Grep to Search for Text in Linux
In   Linux22nd August 2016
Grep is a Unix tool used for finding text within files. This tool is very simple to use, much misunderstood and very powerful. It is an essential command to master when using Unix and Linux.

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