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How To Upgrade Maxtor Hard Drive Caddy

Upgrade that caddy!

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A quick guide on how to update a Maxtor hard drive caddy to a larger capacity drive.

The Maxtor series of drive caddies are a superb range. I have the 80GB Firewire model which has been used as a daily data drive for the past few years. I am now finding that I am running out of capacity. Rather than purchase a new unit, and have a redundant unit that will no longer be used, I decided to reuse an old Maxtor 120GB drive I had lying around from an old PC, and see if it would work in the caddy. The procedure should be quite straightforward, and not very technical.

Caution! This process will invalidate any warranty on the device. Please make sure the device is out of warranty and that you are certain this is what you wish to do. Although this is a simple procedure and there is not much that can go wrong, I accept no responsibility for any damages to data, equipment or persons as a result of following these instructions.

Maxtor Hard Drive Caddy
Maxtor Hard Drive Caddy

The case is held together with the two dark blue strips down the sides. These can be prised off to open the lid, which reveals the standard IDE hard drive and Firewire interface. Carefully unstick the copper shielding from the top of the drive and fold it back out the way.

Screws on underside
Screws on underside

On the underside of the drive are four screws holding it in place. Remove them and the drive will come free. Unplug the power and data connectors.

Drive Replacement
Drive Replacement

Replace the drive with your new larger capacity drive; I'm fitting a 200GB Maxtor hard drive. Reassembly is the reverse of the process above.


Once back together again the drive will be recognised by Windows with its increased capacity and model details.

Happy Defragging!

Last updated on: Saturday 17th June 2017



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